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Chronomodulated Delivery System: a Tailored Cap to Fit Different Heads

[ Vol. 6 , Issue. 2 ]


Vaibhav Agarwal and Mayank Bansal   Pages 171 - 180 ( 10 )


“Blind race ends in a pit”. A similar scenario is observed with the use of conventional dosage forms for different pathological conditions. Of late various disease states had regularly been reported to bear direct concurrence to the body’s secretions that bear a constant rotationary cycle. Moreover the pharmacokinetic as well as pharmacodynamic responsiveness of various drugs had been reported to bear constant swings with the changing hours of the day. Thus, usage of the conventional zero order dosage form for every disease state or every active moiety developed, will only leave the researchers as well as the consumers in doldrums. Chronomodulated dosage forms are a silver lining in these overshadowed clouds. They are the dosage forms that spearhead the innovative researches because of their pre-programmed and pre-regulated pulsed release of the drug, at desired sites. Drug release pattern from these dosage forms considerably mimics the circadian timing of the body’s secretion which are held responsible for the symptoms of the pathological irregularities arising in one’s body. Thus, in a way these dosage forms are a shield against the inducers of the disease symptoms. Current review enlists the pathological states for which the chronomodulated delivery systems can prove to be a miraculous cure. This review emphasizes to summarize the patents granted as well as the novel researches undertaken by various researchers to upgrade the previously existing dosage form scenario. Moreover, this work is an attempt to summarize the various proprietary techniques and marketed formulations, thus trying to help the researchers to fabricate a better and novel dosage form from previously existing ones.


Chronomodulated, circadian, pharmacodynamic, Multi Particulate System, "CHRONOMODULATED DELIVERY SYSTEMS", Circadian Rhythmicity, Tablets Based System, Capsule Type Delivery System, Hydrogel Based System, Polymer coated pellets


Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology, NH-58, Baghpat Bypass, Meerut- 250005, Uttar Pradesh, India.s.

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