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An Updated Patent Review on Ocular Drug Delivery Systems with Potential for Commercial Viability

[ Vol. 5 , Issue. 2 ]


Rishabh Srivastava and Kamla Pathak   Pages 146 - 162 ( 17 )


The eye due to its special attributes is an effortlessly accessible location for topical drug administration. Topical administration not only provides local targeting of drugs but also offers a better control over the systemic delivery. Bioavailability of drugs from ocular dosage forms is dependent to the precorneal loss factors (physiological and anatomical constraints of eye) thus, very small fraction of the drug is absorbed through ocular route. The effective dose of medication administered ophthalmically may be altered by changing the formulation. Various research reports have been documented for ocular drug delivery, both on academic level as well as commercial level resulting in augmented increase in the numbers of patents in this field. The primary objective of the present review is to provide an overview of the ocular drug delivery systems with special emphasis on the intellectual aspects of these systems. This paper also attempts to extend the information on ocular drug delivery systems already existing in the literature by focusing on the update on the patents granted as well as applications published for these systems during the last decade.


Liquid ocular system, miscellaneous ocular system, ocular delivery, semisolid ocular system, solid ocular system, Implants, Contact Lens, Spray ocular system, Iontophoresis, Vesicular Colloids


Professor and Head Department of Pharmaceutics Rajiv Academy for Pharmacy, N.H, P.O. Chattikkara, Mathura-281001 INDIA.

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