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Recent Advances in Developing Ophthalmic Formulations: A Patent Review

[ Vol. 4 , Issue. 1 ]


Guang W. Lu   Pages 49 - 57 ( 9 )


In an effort to improve the drug solubility, stability and/or ocular bioavailability of ophthalmic formulations, various approaches have been explored in the recent past. Additionally, different formulations have been investigated in order to seek those preservative systems that are more tolerable to the ocular tissue. Over the past ten years, inventions in ophthalmic formulations directed toward front-of-eye instillations have concentrated in the areas of new excipients applications, novel and combined use of conventional excipients, and developments of novel dosage forms. Among these areas, applications of polymeric excipients, cyclodextrins and stabilized chloride dioxide (SCD) have been the most actively studied fields. In addition, oil-in-water (O/W) emulsions have been becoming more popular as an ophthalmic dosage form due to the potentials in increasing drug solubility, stabilizing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), improving ocular tolerance, and providing palliative effects. Some of these innovations from the past decade have the capability of leading to new commercial products. This patent review has a useful knowledge in the advancement for treating various ophthalmic diseases.


Ophthalmic formulations, excipient, dosage form, preservative, packaging


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