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Recent Patents Review in Microencapsulation of Pharmaceuticals Using the Emulsion Solvent Removal Methods

[ Vol. 3 , Issue. 3 ]


Wasfy M. Obeidat   Pages 178 - 192 ( 15 )


Several methods and techniques are potentially useful for the preparation of polymeric microparticles in the broad field of microencapsulation. The preparation method determines the type and the size of microparticle and influence the ability of the interaction among the components used in microparticle formulations. This review is devoted to describe and allocate the recently awarded and pending patents regarding the technical and formulation innovations in microparticles involved in drug delivery that are based mainly on the emulsion solvent removal methods. The term microparticle designates systems larger than one micrometer in diameter and is used usually to describe both microcapsules and microspheres. Microparticles-containing drugs are employed for various purposes including -but not restricted to- controlled drug delivery, masking the taste and odor of drugs, protection of the drugs from degradation, and protection of the body from the toxic effects of the drugs. Polymeric carriers being essentially multidisciplinary are commonly utilized in microparticle fabrication and they can be of an erodible or a non-erodible type.


Microspheres, microcapsules, emulsion, evaporation, extraction, hydrophilic, drugs, surfactants, polymers, degradable, lipids, monosize, proteins, starch


University of Sharjah, University of Sharjah-college of Pharmacy, P.O. Box: 27272 Sharjah-United Arab Emirates.

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