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Intra-Articular Drug Delivery: A Fast Growing Approach

[ Vol. 2 , Issue. 3 ]


Maha Nasr Sayed Aly   Pages 231 - 237 ( 7 )


Joint diseases are a leading cause of pain and disability in the adult population. Attempts have been made over the years to alleviate the pain accompanying these diseases and to decrease the incidence of joint degeneration. The utilization of the intra-articular route for the delivery of drugs and other macromolecules has recently evolved making use of the avascularity of the cartilage tissue to allow regional administration of the drug within the joint space rather than the systemic circulation. Several delivery systems such as hyaluronic acid systems, microparticles, nanoparticles, hydrogels, and thermoreversible systems have been developed in order to allow sustained drug delivery in the vicinity of the joint and to achieve high drug concentrations at the site of action. This review article focuses on the patented applications related to intraarticular delivery and sheds more light on current work involving this unique route.


Intraarticular, hyaluronic acid, hydrogels, sustained release, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis


Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.

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